Chun Se-june

Chun Se-june

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First Name * Chun
Last Name * Se-june
Username * opnuris
Country * South Korea
City Seoul
Nationality Korean
Languages Korean



Availability: Freelance
Phone number 82-10-5559-7527


We accept 3d graphic outsourcing. We'll do our best on the work.!!!^^

Hello. This is korean 3D graphic freelancer team. We'll do our best with our responsability whatever you order.

please trust us and leave it to our technic.

We'll show the best quality with the rational prize.

easy, hard, small , big... we don't distinguish what we do, but just to show you the best quality.

- 3D Chracter designing(high polygon character) work

- Chracter Modeling & Mapping

- 3D animation, and the TV advertisement for promoting video

- Game characters, monsters, backgrounds

- Websource work

- 3D character REDESIGNING and upgrading work.

- Poster & package making work

- TVhome shopping advertisment modeling, animation.

- Product design modeling, meadow district modeling.

- Game character(Normal map) work

The Portpolio is on my blog.

The collaboration and other company's outsourcing work not uploaded inevitablely.

Mail to you if you want.

We are always welcome for the quotation consultation. Your quotation bargaining is welcomely allowed

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